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Scale your plan, improve quality, and provide Better Care.
We drive your results in three key areas.

1. Improved Quality Measures

With our skilled team, dedicated technology and processes, your providers will be able to consistently improve their patient care with proactive, predictable outcomes.

Quality Team

Dedicated to improving quality scores.

A specialized group of individuals monitors your membership so they are able to proactively act to ensure your providers and their patients are achieving the best quality results possible.


On-Demand Care Team

Support for your membership. Whenever. Wherever.

We provide an on-demand care team that’s always available to your membership. As an extension of the practice, we help to provide the care your membership needs, when they need it, outside of the clinic.


Clinical Team Support

Empowering your clinicians with support analyses.

We provide your clinicians with a “second set of eyes”. A dedicated team of clinically trained individuals pores over your membership data to surface up potentially important information for your providers to act upon.


Ongoing Provider Education

Keeping up to date in an evolving environment.

A dedicated team remains current with new requirements and approaches. This is then translated into best practices, and then communicated to our provider partners on an ongoing basis.

2. Reduced Medical Expenses

Our proven methodologies and processes, from transition care to critical care management, have reliably reduced medical expenses and medical loss ratios.

Improved Risk Adjustment

Maximizing coding accuracy and timeliness.

Purpose built technology and crafted processes help to support your providers in ensuring their patients’ diagnoses are accurately represented and addressed.


Transition and Critical Care Management

Personalized support for your membership’s needs.

We support your membership’s distinct needs. From scheduling to medication adherence, we serve as an extension of your providers’ teams. Together we work to minimize readmission rates and utilization by proactively serving patients.


Actionable Intelligence

Converting abstract data into useable insights.

Leveraging human and artificial intelligence, we generate real-time actionable insights for your providers’ review. From care gaps to inferred conditions, your providers will have vital knowledge at their fingertips that translates into preventive care.

3. Membership Growth

Improving patient outcomes is further accomplished by helping you to grow your overall membership. The more lives we can support, the greater of an impact we can have.

Membership Marketing Support

Marketing to increase membership base.

Dedicated resources work alongside your providers to craft and execute marketing plans with the goal of increasing membership. Digital and traditional efforts are implemented to attract those that we can best support.


Community Events

Building relationships in local communities.

Encouraging provider involvement with the community ensures maximum exposure. We work with your providers to host or participate in targeted community events – and to connect with their patients outside of a clinical setting.


Member Engagement

Continuous engagement promotes loyalty.

Our teams consistently engage with your membership at regular intervals. Outreach efforts range from scheduling reminders to medication adherence follow ups.

Patients We Serve

We provide tailored solutions for your entire panel, regardless of the specific insurance product they utilize. Our approaches are customized for the nuances and requirements of each insurance.

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Patients We Serve

Medicare Advantage

Traditional Medicare

Managed Medicaid

Commercial Insurance

Removing variability from the delivery of care increases predictability.

Knowing More

1. Knowing More

With vast amounts of data aggregated from disparate sources, we have the most complete view of each patient in our system.
Identifying Early

2. Identifying Early

From programmatically inferred conditions to anomalous lab results, we are able to synthesize data to identify conditions early.
Treating Now

3. Treating Now

Once identified, our providers can proactively treat patients to minimize the evolution of conditions with unparalleled accuracy.
Transitioning from reactive to proactive care requires significant effort to deliver reliable and predictable outcomes. The interconnection between data, identification, and treatment is paramount to improving outcomes.

We don’t leave anything to chance.

Collaboratively working with providers, we provide them with the resources they need to deliver superior care. But we also help to ensure all of the work get’s done, either by supporting their team or doing it for them.

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