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How It All Started

As pioneers of Value-Based Care, we continue paving the way for exceptional care.

Pioneering Patient-First Care Since 2006.

Pioneering Patient-First Care Since 2006.

Votion is a company born out of necessity, by physicians for physicians. In 2006 it was established with sole goal of empowering physicians to deliver the type of care that patients deserve. The type of care that focused on preventing sickness rather than treating symptoms.

For the next four years, Value-based care was still a niche concept gaining traction and Votion was one of its pioneers. In 2010, with the introduciton of the Affordable Care Act, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services established an innovation department to focus on the development and adoption of what we know today as Value-Based Care.

Three tenets guide our actions.

Knowing More is Better

1. Knowing More is Better

Knowing more about each patient allows for a better understanding of a patient's true wellbeing.
Identifying More is Better

2. Identifying More is Better

Synthesizing vast data points facilitates earlier identification of potential diesases.
Treating Now is Better

3. Treating Now is Better

Treating a patient promptly limits diseases from progressing or even being established.
It is around these three tenets that we have focused our innovation, investment, and resources. As we advance our ability to accomplish each better, we are able to support our physician partners with the tools and knowledge they need to deliver the care their patients deserve.

We’ve been innovating for over 15 years.

With millions of patient visits we’ve refined our approaches and seamlessly marry human and technological solutions to to support our providers and their patients.

Nothing has changed, except our impact.

Our mission has been received well, and has allowed us to grow and support more and more providers. We currently provide value-based care solutions for Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercially insured patients through our physician partners. With over 14 of the nation’s largest insurance providers partnering with us, we have supported over 1,000 providers and 150,000 patients.

Today, over 500 of our passionate mission-driven team members work in sync to continually support our provider partners in delivering the care patients deserve.

Transforming from reactive to proactive care, together.

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