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Provider Success Stories

Enhancing Care with Dr. López

Meet Dr. López

Methodical, compassionate, and focused.

Dr. Lopez comes from a family of physicians, and has personally been practicing medicine for over 20 years. Since opening his clinic in 2010 he has expanded to four locations, all serving the Central Florida community.

From complete absence with our previous partner to absolute presence with Votion. They empower us to support our patients better.

Before Us

Dr. Lopez was operating his practice successfully for five years. He was partnered with a traditional Management Services Organization (MSO), but felt that he was not receiving the support he and his patients deserved. He found it challenging for him and his team to meet all the requirements of a value-based care arrangement without the appropriate support. This was the impetus for Dr. Lopez to seek out a true partner with a patient-first approach to care, and the resources to support his goals.

The Transistion

Dr. Lopez found the process relatively frictionless and straightforwards. The biggest realization he experienced was the level of support and resources far exceeded his original expectations. Dr. Lopez did not face a learning curve in the process, but did have the opportunity to evolve his approach with all the additional human and technological support. The sheer intensity of “patient monitoring” delighted him and enabled him to also evolve his delivery of care approaches.

The Results

Central Florida Total Healthcare has been able to consistently earn 5-star quality ratings for patient outcomes. The staff embraced the additional support and resources and sees Votion as an integral part of their team. Dr. Lopez has also stated that his time spent with each patient visit has been made more effective and impactful with the increased ability to focus on the delivery of care.

The Future

Dr. Lopez plans to continue growing his practices alongside the Votion team. Together we’ll continue to evolve the delivery of care with the sole purpose of improving patient outcomes. As Central Florida Total Healthcare scales, we will continue innovating and implementing tailored solutions for their specific panels’ needs.

Transforming from reactive to proactive care, together.

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