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Increasing Profitability with
Dr. Malempati

Meet Dr. Malempati

Dedicated, unrelenting, and empathetic.

Dr. Malempati has been serving the South Florida community for over 10 years. With an approach to care focused on optimizing patient outcomes, he chose to work with a likeminded partner in Votion.

Votion provides the tools I need, how I need them. They process patient data and present everything for coding, utilization, and quality into a central location.

Before Us

Having spent years with a large medical group, Dr. Malempati opted to open his first clinic in 2013. He had ample experience practicing in the Value-based Care space, but also realized that he could not access the Medicare Advantage patients he wanted to assist without working with a partner.

The Transistion

With a strong understanding of Value-based Care requirements, the transition was relatively seamless for Dr. Malempati. But, what he did begin to learn alongside Votion was how data reporting actually worked, crafting new processes to effectively treat the sickest of the sick, and also how Votion provided mechanisms to shield him from any downside risk.

The Results

OneHealth has grown to 5 locations supporting thousands of Medicare Advantage patients. Over the last two years he’s worked along side Votion’s provider marketing team to accelerate his panel growth efforts, with rewarding results. In addition, the OneHealth team has been able to reduce their panels’ overall utilization with assistance from Votion’s technological and human resources. Coding accuracy has also been improved drastically.

The Future

Dr. Malempati is currently in the process of opening another 5 locations and plans to continue leveraging Votion’s resources to support his growth, quality, and utilization goals. Also, as his patient population rapidly grows, he will rely more and more on Votion’s automated data handling and interpretations to optimally support his patients.

Transforming from reactive to proactive care, together.

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