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Magnifying Efforts with
Dr. Rosario-Maisonet

Meet Dr. Rosario-Maisonet

Passionate, energetic, and inquisitive.

Dr. Rosario-Maisonet started practicing medicine over 25 years ago. Having established her practice in 2017 to serve the Ocala community, she is known for her compassion and thoroughness.

I prefer to do common things in an uncommon way.
Votion helps me to manage the admin work so I can dedicate time to patient care in my way.

Before Us

Dr. Rosario-Maisonet worked with a large medical group where patient volume was prioritized over overall care. She decided to open her own practice where patient care was the only focus. While exposed to various quality metrics, coding requirements, and other aspects tangentially related to patient care, she was not an expert. The early days were quite frustrating as while she worked exceedingly hard, it was difficult to attain superior quality metrics.

The Transistion

Learning all of the reporting requirements and coding practices while bringing all patients into a current state was the most difficult aspect of the transition. Dr. Rosario-Maisonet, and her team, worked face-to-face and virtually with Votion to learn and implement these new practices. Votion customized their approach to cater to Dr. Rosario-Maisonet's preferences and strengths.

The Results

RM Healthcare has grown to thousands patients supported by 10 direct team members and the Votion team. Working as partners, and a second set of hands and eyes, the Votion team empowers Dr. Rosario-Maisonet to spend as much time is needed with each patient to deliver the care they deserve.

The Future

Dr. Rosario-Maisonet plans to continue growing her patient panel while consistently delivering the care she has developed a reputation for. As her knowledge and skills evolve, she will further customize how Votion supports her and her patients. Together we’ll continue to improve her patients’ outcomes and her overall productivity.

Transforming from reactive to proactive care, together.

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