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Our Track

As pioneers in this industry, our track record is impossible to replicate. We've had years to learn, optimize, and innovate the right ways to support providers in this value-based care journey.

Patients Served

Our process is refined with each new patient.

Patients generate immense amounts of data that we process, interpret, and summarize for our partners’ usage. Our human and artificial intelligence continuously learn and improve our ability to deliver proactive care. We've served over 200,000 patients. You can't fake that type of experience.

Quality Ratings

Patients’ results are our credibility.

We consistently rank #1 in payor Star ratings. Regularly exceeding 5-Star thresholds, even on triple-weighted measures, is due to our processes and solutions that physicians leverage to provide unparalleled care.

Physicians Supported

Each physician partner is a testament to our dedication.

We’ve been serving our physician partners for years, and they continue to entrust us with supporting their efforts - over 600 of them. Some for more than 10 years already. We focus on partnering with the right physicians intent on improving their patients’ outcomes.

Expenses Managed

With volume comes experience and scale.

Managing vast amounts of medical expenses requires significant specialized knowledge and a seamless infrastructure to ensure operational excellence. With $1.2B of medical expenses managed, we've refined and optimized our approaches.

Our methodology enables us to improve results consistently across our provider partners.


Star Rating


Average Revenue Increase

45 Hrs

Allocated Monthly Labor

Transforming from reactive to proactive care, together.

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