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Value-Based Care is complicated, but doesn’t need to be.

Value-Based Care is complicated, but doesn’t need to be.
Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Value-Based Care, what it means for providers, and how it impacts patients.

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There are two primary ways you will be compensated in a Value-Based Care arrangement.

  1. Fee for service and shared savings earnings.
    • This hybrid approach enables you to bill as you currently do, but have the ability to participate in the savings your efforts generate from improved patient outcomes.
  2. Guaranteed payment and shared savings earnings.
    • This pure approach affords you a guaranteed base payment, often greater than your normal fee for service billings, and the ability to also participate in the savings you generate.

It is here to stay. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have committed to transitioning all beneficiaries into a Value Based Care type program by 2030.

Simply put, it’s healthcare that incentivizes quality of care over quantity of care. This relies on knowing more about your patients, identifying potential conditions earlier, and treating them sooner.

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