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Medicare Eligible Medicare Eligible

Seniors are considered high-risk patients and present the greatest opportunity to positively impact their health. With millions of patient visits, we’ve refined our approach to optimize your senior patients’ outcomes.

Caring for our Seniors

Our delivery of care approach, from complex case management to transition care, has evolved over millions of senior patient visits. We support you with clinical, operational, and technological resources for these higher-risk patients.

Caring for our Seniors

Traditional Medicare

You’ll continue delivering high quality care, but your compensation will better reflect your patients’ outcomes. It will consist of two components. Your traditional fee for service income as well as your bonus payments attributed to improved patient outcomes and medical expense savings.


Average practice shared
savings for 2022.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage allows us to share with you a larger upside opportunity with none of the risk. Your delivery of care remains the same, but your ability to be compensated for your efforts increases drastically. Your base compensation is significantly more predictable with a guaranteed payment per eligible patient. You’ll also receive bonus payments for recognized medical expense savings.


Average practice
earnings increase.

The Four Drivers of Patient Outcomes

We support you to ensure that each of your patients has all four drivers addressed optimally


Supplemental care coordination, case management, and preventive care is identified and provided to each patient.


Complex behavioral health and substance abuse conditions are directly managed and also aided by talk therapy.


Medication therapy management, med. adherence & optimization, and infused & injectable management are the focus.


Social determinants of health are proactively addressed with varied and impactful solutions and resources.

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